The tour starts at 11am every Sunday in front of the Criterion Theatre/Eros, Piccadilly Circus.

It lasts approx 2 hours
Tickets for the Sunday tour cost £10/£8 concs
(+ eventbrite booking fee)
Any questions? Email 
Tel 07722523629
We offer educational tours for schools, colleges, universities and individuals of all ages.
All events are held in the open air where the risk of catching any respiratory infection is negligible.
Please note there will be no tour on
Sunday 27 Dec

Marx in London

Every Sunday
11am - 1pm (approx) Piccadilly Circus

Our Guides

Mick Brooks

Mick Brooks is a stalwart of the Labour movement. He has  written many Marxist tracts. He helped write a pamphlet  advocating nationalisation of the banks which was published by the Fire Brigades Union in 2012. He has followed it up with a pamphlet calling for the Big Six energy companies to be taken over. This has also been published by the FBU. His book Capitalist Crisis Theory and Practice challenges the dominant orthodoxy about the world economic crisis from 2008. Mick is the on the editorial board of Labour Briefing, the magazine of the Labour Representation Committee. His exposition of Marx's ideas is second to none.

Heiko Khoo

 Dr Heiko Khoo has studied Marxist ideas for  33 years. He recently finished his PhD which examines China's social system and political economy using Marxist theory. Heiko is well-known orator at London's Speakers' Corner and produces the weekly Speakers' Corner radio show for Resonance fm. He previously ran walking tours in Berlin specialising in the rise and fall of East Germany and has a detailed knowledge of East European and Soviet jokes, which he uses to enhance the Karl Marx story and to help explain the fate of Communist states. 

                Mark Bygrave

Mark left school at 15 to work in the construction industry. He discovered Marx's ideas when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, riots shook London and the Cold War was still hot.
Mark led tenants' campaigns, threw himself into solidarity work in the
1984-5 miners strike and stood on the front line of the Poll Tax protests that brought down the Iron Lady. Mark's experience of the life and struggles of the working class in Britain and internationally will remind you why Marx said that the workers are the agents of revolution.

The Karl Marx educational tour

Karl Marx was the most influential thinker of modern times. His epic life story combines comedy and tragedy, love and hate, hope and despair. This set the backdrop to an intellectual expedition that sought to unravel the mysteries of history, politics, economics and philosophy.

Marx’s work inspired protests and strikes, rebellions and revolutions, terrorism and war, struggles for freedom, democracy and liberty, as well as regimes of tyrannical repression.

We walk you through the story of his life in London and explain his ideas and their influence on human destiny. We take you to the places in and around Soho where Marx lived and worked, show you traces of the London he knew, and tell the extraordinary tale of this man who would change the world.

Guests on the Karl Marx walking tour on 23 June 2019

Our guides are experts in the field and have spent decades studying and unravelling the complexities of the life and ideas of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and their followers. On the walking tour we combine this knowledge with the didactic and entertaining style of a storyteller. We explain the intellectual influences of the time and delve into the secrets of Karl Marx's ideasWe explain the significance of the 1848 revolutions, and the dramatic and bloody events of the 1871 Paris Commune. We describe the life of struggle and hardship of an extraordinary community of European revolutionaries who made Victorian London their home. This circle of refugees developed ideas, organisations and political movements which would shape world politics in the twentieth century 

This walking tour will help you to explain and understand how the modern world and its economic, social and political conflicts came about. The tour does not assume any previous knowledge and it is pitched at a level that will leave everyone from the complete novice to the seasoned expert satisfied. We welcome schools and universities, and provide specialist tours for visiting scholars, media outlets and embassies, etc.

Join us as we walk you through the life, times and ideas of Karl Marx.
Tel 07722523629


In search of Karl Marx in London
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In this 30 minute show made for the BBC Radio 4 Analysis programme, Robin Aitken, a self-confessed conservative journalist, takes a journey to discover Karl Marx and Marxism for himself. Our Marx tour acts as the backdrop for Aitken's voyage. 

"Full Marx to the Corbyn clan" Several members of the Corbyn family have taken our tour. You never know who you'll meet on our tours! Evening Standard's Londoner's Diary 1 June 2016. 

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